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Individual Therapy

There are many reasons why people decide to seek professional advice. But what they all have in common is that their previous solution strategies no longer work. This is frustrating and can trigger various feelings such as anger, sadness, dissatisfaction, stress, excessive demands, or lack of drive. At this point, it is advisable to seek support from outside. My experience shows that often, after only a few sessions, a clear and positive development can be observed. Possible thoughts before our process can be:

„I'm not good enough. The others are much better than me.“ „This job hasn't made me happy for a long time. Yet I still work there.“ „I am unhappy with my current situation, but I am also afraid of change. Who knows what comes next.“ „I am often stressed. Then I get quick-tempered and don't treat my surroundings nicely. I don't really want to be like that.“ „I often feel depressed or impotent.“

Couple Therapy

A couple relationship is a long journey with many ups and downs. Unfortunately, it is in the nature of man to focus on the negative aspects at some point. Instead of being grateful to the partner for all the things he or she does, we only see the bad sides. This leads to disappointment and frustration, from which communication suffers. Often couples then get into typical reaction patterns in which they only accuse each other and fail to deal with each other constructively. In couple therapy we want to break out of these vicious circles and downward spirals by focusing on the positive and looking back at why you originally found each other as a couple. In this way, new sides of your partner can be (re)discovered and new compassion and affection can be developed. Topics for a couple therapy can be:

  • Dissatisfaction
  • Boredom or lack of development
  • A communication that is at a dead end
  • Negative effects on family life
  • Infidelity
  • Sexual problems
  • Separation as an option

For all my clients who can afford it financially, I recommend couple therapy with two therapists. My experience shows that numerical and gender equality is very beneficial for the process as well as the result.

Online Consultation

There are many reasons for an online consultation. Be it that you live in another city or even abroad, or that you are often on the road on business. The online consultation works the same way as the individual consultation, only via Skype or Zoom.


During a preliminary telephone conversation we will make an appointment for a free initial consultation. In it you will tell me about your concerns and if possible we will formulate common goals for our cooperation. At the end of the interview I will give you an evaluation of the duration and frequency of our appointments.

  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Possible Extention if wished
  • 10% discount for booking 5 dates
75€ á 60min
  • Couple conversations often require more time
  • Without interruption / may take longer
  • 10% discount for booking 5 dates
110€ á 90min
  • for a team of therapists
  • Recommended if financially possible
  • 10% discount for booking 5 dates
150€ á 90min
  • Recommended if financially possible
  • Via Skype or zoom
  • 10% discount for booking 5 dates
75€ á 60min