The present moment, the now, is the only moment in which we really live.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

In our joint process we always meet at eye level. Our goal is to take on new perspectives and to broaden your view in order to discover new solutions, and to increase your scope of action. Every challenge is unique and needs a tailored solution. Because nobody knows your life better than you do. You are the expert of your reality and therefore you decide where our journey goes.

Maybe you have lost the thread of the moment and in certain situations you repeatedly reach your limits, but to recognize the situation and to decide to be active is both courageous and committed. Because this is the first step towards a fulfilled and self-determined life.KOSTEN / COSTSConditionsDuring the preliminary telephone conversation we will make an appointment for an initial interview. This initial consultation lasts about 50 minutes and will cost you 30 €. Afterwards the following costs arise:Individual consultation:60 min á 70€Couples counselling: 90 min. á 100 €90 Min á 140€ for a team of therapistsOnline consulting: 60 min. á 70€Social tariffIt is a matter of the heart for me to be able to offer advice to all people. Should it not be possible for you to pay my full fee for whatever reason, please contact me. We will find a solution.

My task is merely to keep an eye on the direction of our common path, to be at your side as a benevolent and supportive companion and to create a framework in which growth and development is possible. And I promise to do this with the utmost of care, dedication, and appreciation, as I am convinced that youwill reach your goal