Systemic Therapy

What's that?

Thinking lives in a vicious circle. It creates problems for itself and then tries to solve them.

Swami Prajnanpad

Systemic Therapy. What's that?

In December 2008 the effectiveness of Systemic Therapy was scientifically recognized by the Scientific Advisory Board for Psychotherapy. In November 2018 the recognition by the health insurance companies followed. Systemic Therapy is therefore the latest and most modern psychotherapy method. What makes it special is its solution orientation:

While the more traditional psychotherapy methods tend to focus on theory, the focus of Systemic Therapy is clearly on practice. Of course it is interesting to discover where a problem has its origin, but it is more important for us to deal with the problem here and now.

Theory is when you know everything, but nothing works. Practice is when everything works and nobody knows why.

Systemic Therapy

  • is always individual and unique
  • helps develop new strategies to find solutions and see things from a different perspective
  • can shed light on unspecific dissatisfaction
  • supports you in difficult phases of life and helps in crises to not only see the danger, but also the opportunities
  • extends the options for action
  • is a constantly developing and changing process
  • aims to live a life that corresponds to your own values
  • makes you happier
  • promotes self-efficacy
  • leads to more clarity
  • may be fun