There is no way to happiness -

happiness is the way.“


In my eyes the world is a wonderful place, a place full of wonders.

To be allowed to experience a lifetime is a great gift. Therefore I try to be grateful every day anew and to focus my attention on the positive and beautiful things.

I have realized for myself that accompanying people through difficult times and helping them to rediscover their childlike curiosity, their lightness, their inner compass, gives me great joy and is part of my path to happiness. I am curious to know which one is yours and look forward to accompanying you a part of your way.

Florian Schwierz

Systemic Therapist and Consultant in training
Alternative Practitioner for psychotherapy
Business Psychologist (B.Sc.)
Unbridled optimist

Systemic Therapist and Consultant in training - Since March 2019 I have been attending the further training at the Systemic Institute for Mindfulness. I chose the SIA because of the interdisciplinary curriculum. We are extremely fortunate to attend seminars and experience for ourselves, not only the classical systemic tools, but also other modern psychotherapeutic approaches with a focus on mindfulness, acceptance, value orientation and emotional focus, and to try them out directly in practice. We conduct regular inter- and supervision sessions in which we consult, exchange and further educate ourselves together with our colleagues.

Alternative Practitioner for psychotherapy - In March 2018 I successfully passed the Heilpraktiker examination. During my training I intensively dealt with the psychatric basics, which enables me to identify and distinguish symptoms and disorders. This allows me to initiate targeted interventions and to provide you with the best possible advice.

Freelance - In the psychotherapeutic practice Junge & Kollegen. Here I could take the first steps in my consulting practice. In addition to one-on-one conversations, I planned, organized and conducted group workshops.

German Teacher in Integration Courses - In classes of up to 20 people I have taught German as a foreign language, German history, politics and social studies to adults and young people from all over the world.

Business Psychology - Leuphana University Lüneburg